They have liberated the social leader Juan Grabois and the rest of the prisoners

The referring of the Confederation of the Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP), Juan Grabois, was stopped during a protest in reconstruction of the liberation of Senegalese manteros in the Buenos district of the constitution.

The leader was delayed by members of the City Police when he led a demonstration for the police station 18 and demanded the release of six street vendors who were delayed at that location.

& # 39; Justice ordered his release at night.

At the police station, at Avenida San Juan 1757, there were also two other representatives of social organizations, Jaquelina Flores and Rafael Klejzer, and the Senegalese Fal Ali, Dai Sama and Mai Lomori, who were also released.

Grabois was accused of "attack and opposition to authority" because of his participation in the protest.

The first arrests took place around 5 pm, during an operation in the neighborhood of Constitución, which was aimed at seizing merchandise from African manteros.

According to sources in the neighborhood of Grabois,
THE NATION, the leader had gone to the police station on behalf of the detainees arrested by the police.

"Juan was just like his lawyer to defend the Senegalese", detailed good friends with the leader.

According to social movement sources, the informal workers refused to supply the merchandise and identify themselves, so they began to fight with the uniformed men and were subsequently arrested together with Klejzer and Flores.

For this reason, Juan Grabois at night approached the police headquarters along with several protesters and demanded the immediate release of the Senegalese and their comrades, but was also delayed.

"I came to exercise my role as a lawyer and we were randomly held, with beatings and insults, we have been subjected to all kinds of abuse, they have arrested us in an absolutely random manner and we have been harassed because of our political and organizational affiliation" , said the social leader. .

Through a video broadcast from the CTEP, Grabois said: "We ask people to confirm the rejection of this harassment that takes place within the framework of our country's delivery to the International Monetary Fund, the plundering of our resources, the hunger and misery of the popular majorities ".

Political reaction

After the arrest, the workers' CTA, led by Hugo Yasky, called the freedom of social leaders and condemned "the cruelty of the repression" in reference to the police decision to postpone the demonstrators, while leaders such as Luis D & # 39; Elía, Roberto Baradel, Roberto Pianelli and Néstor Segovia quickly approached the police station with a group of militants.

In the case Andrea Scanga, head of the court in the contradiction and Misdemeanors no. 13, intervenes.

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