They invaded the Formosa government and arrested three people


Employees of the Department of Complex Crimes of the Federal Police and Gendarmerie deprived the government of Formosa by order of the Judge in Economic Punishment Gustavo Meirovich. There are three detainees, of whom one would be secretary of the governor Gildo Insfrán.

The agents would have arisen in the confession of the repentant businessman Mariano Martinez Rojas, former owner of Tiempo Argentino and Radio América, and who is being held in the context of a case that is negotiating a negotiation to gain access to cheap dollars during the exchange rate.

In his repentant statement he linked Insfrán to money laundering to fund the 2015 political campaign.

The raids were carried out in the Treasury and the Audit Office of the Formosa government, although there were also agents in some of the offices.

Among the inmates is Osvaldo Rolón, who according to the local press would be a private secretary of Governor Insfrán, although the Provincial Executive made a statement in which he denied the information. It is speculated that this would be the contact in Formosa of the organization that Martínez Rojas had set up, detained in the US.

The case for which it is investigated concerns more than 50 companies that would have used false statements between 2012 and 2015 to import goods for USD 300 million, while in Argentina foreign exchange restrictions applied.

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