They kidnap pure cocaine from a Peruvian cartel in Mendoza – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina

Researchers working on cases of narco-crime have known for years that the cocaine that enters Argentina comes from Bolivia and Peru. It is the two countries with the highest production of this drug in South America.

In the last hours, Gendarmerie staff arrested a couple with just over two kilos of the drugs in San Rafael. And according to the research that had developed, it had been acquired from a Peruvian cartel.

The information from the procedure maintains that uniformed from the Pareditas Section carried out a check on the national routes 40 and 143 of the provincial south and they stopped the passage to the occupants of a black Chevrolet Vectra.

They were a man and a woman from the department who, according to the research they conducted, had narcotics with them.

The gendarmes performed the investigation in the vehicle and found a bag under the front passenger seat, which was hidden with clothing.

The bag was brown and had the inscription Asociación Obrera Minera Argentina, so they decided to analyze it. When they opened it, they found two rectangular loaves of bread, wrapped in transparent tape that contained the substance they were looking for. And when they performed the corresponding test, they confirmed that it was cocaine with maximum purity. The weighing also yielded 2,027 grams.

The couple was already busy transporting narcotics at that time. But the search did not end there: in the staff of both found two small nylon bags of the type bocha in the pants of the man.

Due to the weight of those nodes (0.7 grams), it is assumed that they were for personal consumption or for a study conducted by suspects of the quality of the anesthetic before it was obtained. In addition to the drug, the detainee pair carried 2 dollars and 9,420 Argentine pesos.

As soon as the federal justice authorities were informed, the arrest of the husband and wife and the confiscation of all evidence, including the car in which they circulated and the mobile phones, were arranged.

The couple, after the procedure, was transferred to the federal detention center of Gran Mendoza (U-32), where she was incommunicado.

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