They kidnapped more than seven tons of marijuana on the border with Paraguay

The cargo, which was equipped for the transport of rivers and land of Misiones, has a value of the order of $ 334 million

They kidnapped more than seven tons of marijuana on the border with Paraguay

The cargo was seized yesterday by the gendarmerie / ministry of sec.

In a mega-operation made of research tasks in Misiones, on the international border with Paraguay, the Gendarmerie arrested two people and seized 7,433 kilos of marijuana in three rounds.

The "Eldorado" unit for judicial investigation and procedures, with the support of the Monte staff and other units of the force, conducted an investigation by order of the Federal Court of Eldorado in the search in countries near the coast of the Paraná river .

On secondary roads, between the weeds, were collection points on national routes No. 12 and 14, this was reported by the Ministry of National Security.

As detailed from that portfolio, according to the court ruling, the forest area was accessed with the support of a drone and a helicopter.

Two vans were found so far apart for 500 meters, with mounds of marijuana packages covered with tarpaulin and dry leaves. The recordings were also full of medication.

As a result of the raids in Puerto Piray, in a rural area near Santiago de Liniers with a large forest area and in a farm in the Pinares de Eldorado district, officials arrested two people and confiscated seven tons of marijuana. together with 2 trucks already ready to transport part of the anesthetic, 2 vehicles, cash, handys, scales, telephones and documentation.

Secondary roads

"The band would try to transport a cargo from the Paraná river coast, using secondary roads and collection points between national routes 12 and 14 and provincial routes 17 and 20 as a connecting route", according to sources from the Ministry of Security.

With this information, operators were deployed in the exact places where the medicine was hidden. They found marijuana, valued by the authorities "at 334 million pesos".

More than 186 tons of marijuana were taken in Misiones this year.

In the raid they found 322 packages and 8,063 packages in two Toyota Hilux trucks hidden in the vicinity of a farm with grapefruit and yerba mate plantations.

It is a jungle area accessible via a dirt road, "they said the same sources with regard to the operation.

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