They offer a reward to find Oscar Thomas, the only fugitive from the coimas case – Diario La Provincia SJ

"Even dreams are not delivered today." With that in mind, the lawyer of Oscar Thomas, former executive director of the Entidad Binacional Yacyretá (EBY), suggested last week that his client did not even come near to make himself available to the court in the case of the bribes of the bribes. . He is the only fugitive and his whereabouts are a mystery. Now the national government has decided to offer a reward for those who provide data to find it. This was confirmed to by security minister Patricia Bullrich. The amount is 500 thousand pesos. "The reward is given to the person who provides verifiable and reliable data that make it possible to find it," he said. The measure will be published on Tuesday in the Government Gazette.

Last week, the Legislature of Missions decided to publish the request for international detention in all administrative offices of public attention in the event that it was ordered by federal judge Claudio Bonadio. So they try to provide the province with the face of the former official. They will also do it with announcements on television and radio throughout the province.

"Provide a broad dissemination campaign through the daily broadcast on LT 85, TV Channel 12 and LT 17 Radio Provincia de Misiones, from Multimedios Sapem, on all its signals, both analogue and digital, audiovisual and radio communications that have publicity guidelines from the provincial state" , has adopted the resolution to which has acceded.

Thomas did very well during Kirchnerism. He went from the owner of just one house in 2003, to declaring 23 homes in 2015, as well as luxury cars and a significant amount of cash. He was a man of extreme confidence from the former governor of Misiones, Carlos Rovira, and maintained a well-oiled relationship with the former Federal Minister for Planning, Julio De Vido. The opposition points out that they are responsible for converting the Yacyretá Binational entity into a "political box" to finance the electoral campaigns of Kirchnerism in the northwest of Argentina.

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