They predict an inflation rate between 34% and 36% in 2018

Former finance minister Guillermo Nielsen estimated that inflation this year will be between "34 and 36 percent", which could jeopardize the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"The image is undoubtedly very complicated," said the economist, who warned that in the country "a crisis of confidence is very strong".

According to his insight "the government is seen without reactivity" because there is no "diagnosis of where it is".

"No one expected that such a government-based government would make such a mess with the peso," Nielsen said.

The former official said that for the Argentine economy there are "two basic things, namely the budget deficit and inflation".

In that sense, he recalled that "there is an inflation ceiling that indicates that the agreement with the IMF could drop if it exceeds 32 percent."

"I see inflation between 34 and 36 percent", the specialist warned in dialogue with Radio Continental.

In this way he argued that "nobody knows exactly which rates to use" with the current inflation.

"The government dealt with the whole economic issue with a superficiality that was out of place with this verse of gradual debt-financed," he doubted.

He stressed that the government "believes that the objectives are not achieved and that the debt starts to weigh heavily in the budget."

He judged that the administration of Mauricio Macri made "bad diagnoses" while criticizing that "Lebac was encouraged", which he described as "unspeakable from a professional point of view".

"You can not work with a 45 percent rate, it affects the mortality of many small and medium-sized businesses," he said.

So he insisted: "I do not see the government responding" and gave as an example that "it is as groggy & # 39;"

"There are no magical remedies in this, trust is something that you feel or do not feel," he said and analyzed: "The first thing in situations like this is a change in the cabinet."

"The government thinks that the thing is solved, then no one consults," pulled out.

Source: Diario UNO de Mendoza

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