They presented a project to abolish the DNU that eliminated the Sojero fund

The national representative for the FPV, Fernando Espinoza, presented a project to declare the DNU issued by the national executive power invalid, as a result of which the decree 206/2009 that regulated the federal solidarity fund (FFS) was withdrawn. For the legislator, the abolition of the "soy fund" means for the provinces a loss of more than 10 billion pesos in the remainder of 2018 and about 41 billion compared to the year 2019.

On the basis of these figures, the former mayor of La Matanza evaluates that with the signing of this DNU "the national government decides that the provinces must accept the consequences of the proposed recipes by the International Monetary Fund, which provides for a tax reduction of 300,000 millions pesos & # 39; s. "In connection with the province of Buenos Aires, it has indicated that it will collect almost 2.3 billion pesos for the remainder of 2018, to which a loss of 8 billion should be added in 2019.

For Espinoza, "We are faced with a new indignation of the Macri government against the people, a measure that directly affects people, when we have a population that is exhausted by Macri's cuts."

The alternate cataloged "absolute nonsense" as "appealing to transfers to the provinces to abruptly cut off funds committed for the municipalities". In your opinion, what the government is looking for is the removal of autonomy and the financing of the municipalities, which he defines as "the first window to face the policy of adjustment and devaluation that the national government proposes".

"The DNU is invalid because the constitution does not authorize the president to replace the Congress, but only to issue decrees with a legislative area when there is really an urgent need," Espinoza concludes.

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