They promote the establishment of a register of women killed by clandestine abortions Diary of Cuyo

After the last deaths from clandestine abortions, which cause three in a month, plus the refusal of the senate to legalize abortion, a group of women will make a register of women killed by recidivism. clandestine.

The members of the Observatory for Violence against Women Not a minute of the women's movement in Latin American marriage, whose president is Raquel Vivanco.

"Deaths from clandestine abortions have been responsible

as the 40 senators who have abstained and voted against the legalization of abortion in Argentina," Vivanco said after the death of Liliana Herrera at Santiago del Estero, Liz in San Martín and another woman whose name is unknown and who died in Pilar.

" The deaths of these young and humble women could be called state aids because everything could have been avoided, which confirms what organizations have been doing for months, women we have indicted. , the underground takes the lives of thousands of women in our country, "Vivanco added.

The purpose of this register is to "visualize the sanction of a law of legalization of the voluntary termination of pregnancy and to continue demanding that in response to the hundreds of thousands of women who resort to this practice every year in our country, "they explained.

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