They propose to increase the metro 1 peso per month from November to reach $ 16.50

According to SBASE, " the update responds to the variation in the technical course that reflects the costs of operating the service ". The city must organize a public hearing in order to initiate the tariff review process.

The staggered interest rate system for frequent passengers will remain in force and implies a discount of 20%, 30% and 40% on the cost of the fare. depending on the number of trips made per month. This benefit is added to the discount for the combination of two or more means of transport.

So if the metro trip corresponds to the second part – after taking a bus or train – the passenger pays the 50% of the current rate. In case it is the third or more tranche, it only pays 25%.

Free passes for pensioners and pensioners, and for people with disabilities, for transplant recipients and on the waiting list, the student card will also be continued. free and teacher, student and high school students and social and high school students.

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