They report that a woman has stifled her baby and threw it into the trash

A woman of Paraguayan nationality is accused of suffocating her newborn son and throwing the small body into the garbage at Ciudad Oculta, Villa Lugano. A neighbor assured himself that the aggressor was trying to hide her pregnancy and plunged herself into the flank to lose it.

The mother of the accused will have reported her daughter, who has been arrested and is staying in the Santojanni hospital in Mataderos.

"I autoflap during the 9 months of pregnancy and neg to the last moment, I am terrified", a friend wrote referring to the case on his Facebook.

In the meantime, before the arrest, they started an order through social networks to arrest the accused that she was killing her little one: "He is wanted, he is of Paraguayan nationality, may God have that beautiful baby in his glory".

(Source: Crnica)

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