They stopped a duo of asphalt pirates Chronicle

Two "pirates from the asphalt" were arrested in Lomas de Zamora after a cinematographic persecution along General Paz Avenue. They were mobilized in two stolen cars that were registered by the patent reading port. After an attempted theft at a fairground of La Salada, they effectively followed them with the police of the city.

The fact began when one of the patent readers of the security plan called "Anillo Digital" detected the presence of two cars that, with a request for kidnapping, circulated at the intersection of General Paz Avenue and Luis Dellepiane -snow, meaning for the Creek.

When the vehicles were identified, a warning was immediately activated in the observatory in the Puente La Noria area. This is how a follow-up protocol was activated via camera's of the indicated cars to achieve their arrest. While the procedure was being carried out, the offenders intercepted a white van that came with merchandise for the fairgrounds of the La Salada shopping center. The modus operandi of the criminals was to hit the intended truck and, by using firearms, steal the vehicle and the merchandise.

In this way the Mobile Police of the City started a persecution of the survivors. They made use of the small traffic that circulated as a result of time and made a total cut-off for the Avenida General Paz, in an attempt to impede the advance of the defendants. But in a risky maneuver, the criminals managed to bypass the checkpoint and take the descent from Azamor Street and then leave Faluko.

Already in Buenos Aires one of the cars, a Toyota Corolla, stopped early to descend from the same two occupants and continue the escape on foot. In the race a subject was achieved and reduced by the uniformed, at the intersection of Andrés Bello and Figueiredo, in the city of Ingeniero Budge.

For its part the other car involved in the prosecution, a Peugeot 3008, with a request for kidnapping force for theft since July 30 and involved in another offense reported two days ago, has not met the signs, made with lights and sirens by the agents so that the car stopped and continued with the escape down to Buenos Aires territory via the Azamor street.

After a few blocks the delinquent left the car to make the escape on foot and was caught by the police. In the presence of witnesses the damaged cars were claimed and found a firearm brand Bersa 9 mm with number of a lime number of the police of the province of Buenos Aires. In addition, a 9-mm Beretta brand loader was hijacked.

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