They throw a surprise stop in the row 60 of collectives

A new complication is added this Monday to the chaotic traffic of the city of Buenos Aires. Employees of the 60 line of collectives (which connects the neighborhood of Barracas in Buenos Aires with the Buenos Aires Tigre party and other points in the suburbs) announced a incineration activity for an indefinite period of time.

The degree of strength, effective from the afternoon of this Monday, affects more than 250 thousand passengers daily who use the different branches of the company Micro Ómnibus Norte S.A. (Monsa).

the Body of deputies from Line 60 is in a state of permanent assembly in the upper reaches of Barracas and Maschwitz for the alleged dismissal of a driver, whose identity was not distributed. The strike will continue until the end of the day, and it will be debated to extend it to the rest of the week.

Employees demand better wages and working conditions and also complain about the poor working conditions, the poor condition of the units and the lack of safety and hygiene. An example of this is the electrician David Ramallo, who was crushed by a vehicle during a service at the Barracas terminal in September 2016.

"This is a situation that can not be sustained, this is a war that is not just for us." Behind this conflict there is a business community that wants to monopolize things that do not belong to it, like the trade union, "he warned. Mario Molina, one of the delegates of the drivers, in consultation with the bureau Argentine news.

Néstor Marcolín, one of the trade union leaders of the line, warned that the company "wants to fire" arbitrarily. And he questioned the authorities of MONSA hard and said that it offers "a terrible service and frequency" with "poor condition of the units and safety and hygiene conditions".


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