They took the car with her baby inside

A national gendarmerie in cash was attacked this Thursday by armed criminals who brought their car in with the uniformed baby, although two blocks later abandoned the boy and continued with the escape on board. that shot indeed happened in the Buenos Aires party of Lomas de Zamora.

The three thieves, one of them a minor, were eventually arrested by police officers of Buenos Aires after a prosecution.

Police sources reported that it all began around 5:30 PM, when officer Emiliano Barrientos, 27, and his family came aboard the junction of Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue and Brandsen by armed criminals who had taken them out of the vehicle, a black Volkswagen Gol Trend and they escaped with the vehicle by Yrigoyen.

The thieves did not realize that there was a baby in the backseat for months and that the gendarme in shock asked for help from his colleagues for WhatsApp.

"Please give me a hand, I am in Yrigoyen and Brandsen, my car went with my baby, they took him in. Comrade, comrade, urgently, please, they took my son and they stole my car. Comrade, I am here in Yrigoyen, "Gendarmerie said in cash between shouts, according to an audio broadcast by Todo Noticias (TN).

150 meters from the spot, the attackers took the baby out of the car in perfect health and continued his escape.

The reunion of the child with his parents took place in the police station Lomas de Zamora 3era. from Temperley. Meanwhile, the patrol command of Lomas de Zamora saw the stolen car in the streets of Marseilles and Guamini, after which a chase started four kilometers away, at the intersection of Homer and Metan, where the criminals lost control of the vehicle and they were arrested .

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