They want to take the subway ticket to $ 16.50, two weeks after the last increase

The value of the subway ticket is about to take a new step. The company Subterráneos de Buenos Aires Sociedad de Estado (SBASE) that manages it, announced that from November the price of the metro ticket could increase $ 1 per month to $ 16.50 and the price of the premetro, $ 0.50 per month to reach $ 6.

"The update responds to the variation in the technical course that reflects the cost of using the service. (There is) the need to match the values ​​of the different means of transport and contributes to the policy of reducing subsidies In that sense, the City must call a public hearing to start the tariff adjustment process, "confirmed Sbase.

In this way, the price will change from November 2018 to February 2019 by 32%. But the percentage is higher if the value of the ticket is taken into account in July: $ 7.50. The increase would then be 120%.

The company also confirmed that the phased tariff system that a discount of 20%, 30% and 40% on the cost of the transit according to the number of trips made per month, plus the discount for combining two or more means of transport for the use of the SUBE card.

When it comes to materializing an increase, it would put more pressure on inflation, which has increased by almost 20% this year thanks to the triggered dollar, which is in values ​​of more than 30 pesos.

The increase of the metro is in line with that of other public transport. The groups and trains will have an increase of nearly 30% that will be applied in parts, once a month until October. Since this week, the collective lines of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires have had a minimum ticket that went from $ 10 to $ 11, although the most common route, which costs $ 10.75 now has a value of $ 12.25 . Depending on which train line, the ticket is now also worth $ 5 and $ 9.50.

With the calculator of you can calculate how much from now on will be plus the monthly budget that you need to go to work. From the tool developed for the web by the economist Ariel Setton, the programmer Juan Manuel Romera Ferrio and the designer Erica Atanasoff, you can not only estimate how much the trips will cost you every day, but also how much there will be the savings achieved with the use of the multimodal ticket.

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