"They want us to assume that education is a commodity," the teacher guilds condemned

On the second day of unemployment in the province, thousands of teachers mobilized for the congress. Strong criticism of the government

thousands of teachers turned to the ministry of education and marched to congress / congress

In the midst of the escalation of tensions between teachers' and governmental unions, thousands of teachers and professors of different levels met yesterday in a massive federal educational march for the Congress. With hard speeches in which they & # 39; education adjustment & # 39; rejected, they rejected the brutal assault of Moreno & # 39; s teacher and demanded "worthy salaries", the teachers affirmed that they will deepen and warn the protest, sharp: & they will not leave us submissive to be ".

The Federal Educational March coincided with the second day of the 48-hour teacher unemployment that was completed yesterday in the Province; This measure of direct action had similar compliance in the Region as the day before. In addition to the guilds that are part of the Front of the Teaching Unit, mass mobilization involved the trade unions that unite the university students, as well as the CTA and leftist movements.

One of the most important slogans heard by the trade union leaders was the claim of justice for the tragedy of Moreno school no. 49, and the request to clarify the kidnapping and torture of Corina de Bonis, the teacher of that district where she cut his belly on Wednesday and wrote "Pot not" to him.

The march also strove for the goal of asking the legislators a special session for the treatment of different education laws: national parity teacher; more budget for public universities; that the national government continue to send the funds to pay the National Fund of Teacher Incentive; scholarships for students; and funds for an Infrastructure Plan for the national school.

"We are categorically rejecting an adjustment of the IMF's hand here," said Feb President Mirta Petrocini, adding that "they want to vote on the budget reduction for education, when more than half of the teachers are under the poverty line and schools fall apart. "

During the protest Petrocini explained that "adaptation is always disciplinary, because it always goes hand in hand with the perverse strategy of persecution, disqualification and delegitimation of the sector's struggle, but they will not leave us submissive"

He added: "They want to impose downward parity and a model whose logic ruin not only our rights as employees, but also those of thousands of children to gain access to quality public education," Petrocini said.

Without half measures the leader of the febr said that "we have to go through every day that government officials walk through different programs, miss the truth, say that there is dialogue: it was always a monologue, we never have the opportunity had to discuss a decent salary ".

Earlier, Cera's general secretary, Sonia Alesso, had said, "They want us to assume that education is a commodity, today it is a day of pain and anger for us." For Sandra, for Rubén, and for Corina, who was threatened to commit the sin of guiding her students to feed them They have sowed a language of hatred: teachers, on the other hand, learn values ​​and defend peace We do not want the children to die of hunger. & # 39;

The closure of the ceremony, Roberto Baradel, from Suteba, said: "In Moreno there is a struggle that is not just an educational struggle, like everywhere in the province, a struggle for the right to access to education, and we do it with families. , students, the entire educational community and social and trade union organizations. "

Today it was expected that they will hold torchlight tours in different districts.

evaluate the recovery of lost days due to unemployment

Meanwhile, they have ratified in the provincial government that strategies are being evaluated to restore the lost class days as a result of work stoppages. It was María Eugenia Vidal herself, who said in journalistic statements that the possibility of schools recovering lost class days as a result of strikes by teachers is being evaluated "not only this year but also the next", as expected by this dikario.

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