This is how the motorcycles attack in Palermo

August 24, 2018

The criminals broke the glass of a taxi that had stopped in front of a red light and stole a mobile phone to the passenger sitting in the back seat.

The attacks of motorcycles in the federal capital increased compared to last year and its common currency in neighborhoods where companies are the main attraction. This time the sequence of an attack was recorded by a camera and shows how a criminal attacks a taxi and steals the mobile phone from a passenger.

The criminal benefited from the fact that the vehicle stopped in front of a red light and did not hesitate to attack the rear window. In one fell swoop he destroyed the glass, snatched the passenger's phone and then ran away.

The episode happened in Avenida Costanera and Sarmientonear the Metropolitan airport and it was broadcast by the news channel TN.

In the images, which were captured from another car, this is proven as the malicious he escapes and approaches his accomplice after performing the robbery to escape successfully. In addition, the recording shows that another car that has noticed the attack is trying to perform a maneuver and cross the roadway to prevent it from being stolen.

Weeks ago motorcycles were registered when they attacked a motorist with extreme violence. It was in the afternoon and a few meters from the busy Rivadavia Avenue.

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