thousands of teachers and students crossed the street against educational change

The Hipolito Yrigoyen Avenue, one of the few diagonal avenues of the city of Córdoba, was occupied as a whole by the university march that took place this afternoon.

The march left Ciudad Universitaria after 15:30 and went to Patio Olmos. Tens of thousands of teachers, no teachers, graduates, and above all students, exceeded the expectations of the UNC authorities who wanted to wash their faces and say in favor of the protest.

All faculties were present, some with flags, others with posters, both those with a tradition of activism and those with others. The National Technological University has also left, which is in the same situation of drowning in the budget.

Just like in 2005 and 2010, the educational community of Córdoba was founded, which this year commemorates 100 years of university reform. As on other occasions, he tried to join other sectors in the struggle, such as the employees of EPEC, who were present today.

Laura Vilches, legislator of the PTS, was present during the march and recalled the similarities in this conflict with those in 2005.

Unfortunately, at the end of the mobilization, representatives of the union of university professors (Adiuc) representatives of the General Assembly yesterday have not allowed to read their own communiqué. The trade union organized a small act together with the student groups that organize the largest number of student centers, such as Franja Morada, La Bisagra, La Mella and SUR. Already yesterday in the meeting they had received a strong rejection because they were not at the head of the conflict, today they have shown that this will be their action line.

After the mobilization had ended, the students went to the headquarters of the Historical Rectorate, where they are currently holding a meeting to decide whether they occupy the building.

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