Three policemen are injured in an attack on a supermarket in Tupungato

Three policemen were injured in Tupungato, trying to prevent a group of people arriving at the same time from destroying products and taking others from a Carrefour store in the departmental center. The information circulated through the networks because, as in previous events, someone was responsible for filming and viral. Now it was confirmed by the government.

According to authorities from the Ministry of Security, they have removed household appliances. According to what a neighbor indicated at the place MDZ"they tried to break as much as possible". The rest of the supermarkets closed the doors and left – as with other places in Mendoza – simply as a door for the rest of the people to leave.

"We do not know why, but they were responsible for breaking the windows, everything," said a direct cause of the incidents.

On the other hand – like yesterday – circulate indications of people who have been identified in marginal movements of political party summits to meet at the doors of supermarkets. Although they do not explicitly say that it is a "ransack" & # 39; goes, it misses the authorities that simply choose those places to hold meetings & # 39; hold.

In Tupungato, the police are trying to find and identify the participants and what the true meaning of the events was. Buren report that "shots are heard near the departmental square". However, the Government argues that "the situation is already fully controlled."


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