Through Guillermo Moreno the PJ asked the IMF not to pay money to Argentina

The former Minister of Commerce wrote a letter in his capacity as chairman of the Committee of the Court Economy Source: archive

BUENOS AIRES (NA) .- At a time when the government is renegotiating with the International Monetary Fund (

) the
financing agreement, the former Minister of Commerce

Guillermo Moreno
, in his capacity as chairman of the Economy Committee of the Justicialista party (

), today sent a letter to the head of the agency, Christine Lagarde, asking him not to approve the advances of funds to the country.

"I have the honor to communicate with you to express your concern about the proposal recently issued by the president of the nation, engineer.

Mauricio Macri
, explaining that he intended to negotiate with the IMF on the possibility that the payouts of the agreement
Stand-by opportune signed, corresponding to the years 2020 and 2021, will be advanced to 2019 ", the letter Moreno began.

And he continued: "Since it does not escape his knowledge, there will be general elections next year for a new presidential term." It goes without saying that, according to the contract of mutually signed, then ratified in the presidential exhibition, the current government only proposes to achieve the fiscal equilibrium in the item related to revenue and operating costs, the deficit that the payment of interest on the government debt represented in the government accounts is maintained ".

"If at the same time, as in the current closed international credit markets, the governance of sound economic policies is hampered to the extreme by a new government," Moreno said, requesting no progress. funds.

He concluded: "That is why I put Mr Pablo Challú, Dr. Rafael Perelmiter and Mr Guillermo Nielsen, members of the body I foresee, into contact with the members of your staff whom you kindly designate, for the purpose of reflection to the problematic ut supra and the possible solution ".

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