Trelew: a 25-year-old girl was beaten to death, raped and burned

Rosa Acuña was beaten, raped in a group and then burned alive. A case that Trelew is trembling. And the country. The event took place on 1 September, but happened nationally in the last hours. There are four detainees for the brutal crime, including the victim's group that will remain under preventive detention for two months.

According to TN, Acuña, 25, was murdered on Saturday, September 1 at night after a meeting in the house of her comadre. They beat her, raped her and set her on fire.

His charred body was found the following Monday, September 3, 700 meters from where the meeting was on Saturday. A day later they arrested the owner of the house where the crime was committed and by the end of the week the police had three other people: a man and two women who were committed to the deed.

"They raped my daughter, they beat her because she resisted and for that reason they burned her like a dog," said the woman in conversation with Radio 3 Cadena Patagonia. According to the reconstruction of the researchers, the girl was forced to have sexual relations with several of those present at the meeting and, while she refused, she was beaten. "They have fainted and they have abused her there," said her mother.

After the arrests, they are now looking for the vehicle where the victim was still alive. In the home of one of the detainees they took clothes, a nightgown, a drum and other items that had already been processed in the file.

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