Triaca: If the crime is proven, Cristina should go to jail

The Minister of Labor, Jorge Triaca, has today considered that "if the institutions work and the crime is proven" of corruption in public works, former President Cristina Kirchner "should go to jail."

The official also assured that the government "gives all liberties to the justice department to examine the bribes in the bids".

Triaca referred to the case brought by federal judge Claudio Bonadio for the notebooks of Oscar Centeno, former Roberto Baratta driver, who was the number two of Julio De Vido in the Ministry of Planning during the previous board.

"I believe that if the institutions work and the crime is proven, (former President Cristina Kirchner) the prey should be the Senate need not generate a problem if that happens," said the Minister in dialogue with Radio Miter .

In addition, the official defended the construction companies that were involved in the alleged corruption against the minister. note that "managers are one thing and companies have another."

On the other hand, the head of the labor portfolio acknowledged that "these last two or three months were difficult" for "some sectors."

] In this sense Triaca confirmed that the government's goal is "to achieve a balanced budget" and to generate a "dynamic productive process".

He also noted that "various measures have been taken" to encourage consumption, such as "maintain and expand the (program) now 12" and is "working with the business rooms."

"We know there are sectors with problems, but we also need to understand that this is the right way to solve Argentina's tax problem is fundamental," he emphasized.

For Triaca, "inflation is an issue we all need to see," but said that its ministry is striving to maintain "the purchasing power" of employees

"We see how we can modernize labor contracts. that no longer exist, you have to see how you can change that to improve the potential of employees, "he said.

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