Two robberies in band to supermarkets caused tension in Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz

Two robberies in band to supermarkets from Guaymallén and Godoy Cruz They generated tension during the afternoon of this Friday.

According to official information from the Ministry of Security, these two events took place during the afternoon of Friday. One in the Átomo supermarket on the Calle Cervantes in Guaymallén and the other in a Chinese supermarket on the Calle Revolución de Mayo, by Godoy Cruz.

The two events had a similar pattern: groups of people who entered the building and steal different products and some money.

In the local chain of Atom supermarkets, located in the Cervantes de Guaymallén street, the event took place around 17. About 30 people entered the store and soon began to take alcoholic drinks and perfumeries which they placed in bags and backpacks and fled the place.

In the super-Chinese of Godoy Cruz the situation was almost the same as that of Guaymallén. There they also stole drinks – specifically fernet – and, according to police information, 1,700 pesos in cash.

For these facts there are five detainees and they have reported that they are usually minors.

A few witnesses made videos that went virally through WhatsApp. Other people in the locality reported to the police and pointed out that some thieves went on foot, but others were in vehicles on the street.

Police personnel monitored both buildings and was also posted in other supermarket locations.

According to Los Andes in place, the Atom branch on the corner of Virgen de las Nieves and Avellaneda lowered the blinds at dusk for fear of robbery. Employees of the supermarket have been entrusted to this newspaper that the measure has been carried out preventively.

Around 7pm, only customers who were inside the company could stay in the facilities before closing time and left for a small door after they had paid for their purchases.

Néstor Majul, deputy minister of institutional relations at the Ministry of Security, said that the events were robbery and not spontaneous plunder. "We have spoken to security managers in the supermarket and everything is under control, despite these facts, everything is quiet, they are isolated cases," Majul said in a statement to Radio Nihuil. The official also noted that the incident occurred in a supermarket in Lujan on Thursday night was a robbery and not a looting. & # 39; They have broken the gate and taken away drinks and two checkout, & # 39; he said.

A handful of police on the bike and some patrol cars were stationed there.

From that municipality they indicated that they had seen people hanging out in a suspicious posture in the afternoon. And because they feared that they would come in to steal as they had done in the Pedro Molina branch, they chose to lower the blinds. They said they do not know what time they will open the doors tomorrow or how they will work on the first day of the weekend.

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