Two San Rafael sites are still in the race to enter the "7 Maravillas Argentinas"

Argentina is the first Latin American country to choose the 7 National Natural Wonders from an initiative of the foundation New 7 Wonders (New 7 Wonders), the result of which will be announced in April 2019 after a public vote, free and worldwide.
On 21 August the cut was made in which the first 77 "prefinalists" were defined, of which a panel of experts in tourism, journalism, photography and art will choose the final 28.
The good news for our department is that between the selected two proposals San Rafael appear: the dunes of El Nihuil (part in the category deserts) and the Laguna del Atuel in El Sosneado (within the lakes and waterfalls).
Although three zones were postulated, the Atuel Canyon did not reach the first cut and the other two remain in competition.
Of the province of Mendoza were 18 proposals and those who were selected were 5. At the two San Rafael proposals are added Pozo de las Animas in Malargüe, Cerro Aconcagua in Las Heras and Laguna del Diamante in San Carlos.
In September, the second vote starts, which runs until April 2019, when the seven chosen destinations are known.
The official organization that chooses the most beautiful places in the modern world, integrated in 2011 the list of the seven natural wonders of the world to the Iguazu waterfalls, located on the border between Brazil and Argentina and whose application took place jointly.
"The idea is that there are 7 icons of Argentina that are remembered forever and that people vote", the organizers explain.

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