University conflict: the dollar burned all newspapers and the parity was suspended until Monday – 31-08-2018

"We are left without a frame of reference," they say on one side of the university's negotiating table. The conflict comes in like this an unexpected moment for all key players, who followed a more or less fixed script. After the return to the talks on Monday (without the ceiling of 15%) the Thursday march (which was huge) happened and on Friday the dialogue was resumed. Moreover, the government planned to come by an "exceeding offer" up to the last 21% they had proposed to the teachers and the agreement could appear early next week.

The multifaceted university march, Thursday in the city of Buenos Aires. Photo: EFE

The multifaceted university march, Thursday in the city of Buenos Aires. Photo: EFE

But the rush of the dollar burned all newspapers. Because the government now does not know what it has to offer, nor does it know about the trade union which percentage is accepted and takes the base as an advantageous proposal. That is why they decided to postpone Friday's meeting for Monday afternoon.

"It is reasonable. There is no longer a frame of reference for discussing something. When we started the dialogue in the week, the dollar was 30 pesos and now 40 pesos. The best thing is to hope that there are more definitions, "he said Horn Carlos De Feo, head of Conadu, confirms that they will not vote for new measures of violence, because they understand that the dialogue is being channeled right now.

In the government there is a very similar reasoning: that there is no & # 39; frame of reference & # 39; more and that was the most logical thing to do wait until Monday, to adjust the variables according to how the economic reality is. They insist that the top offer is still there and that there is one political decision to reach an agreement with the university teaching boards.

This all happens on the day after the massive march organized by the university guilds around the center of Buenos Aires. For next week, the only guild that will stop is the Historical Conadu (led by sectors of the left and in the middle of an internal leadership) who considered the postponement of the joint as a "provocation" and called a strike in the classrooms until September 8 .

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