University professors stay up all week and the conflict about salaries tightens – 08/21/2018

This Tuesday starts the third week without normal dictation of classes in national universities (which depend on the Ministry of Education of the Nation) by coercive measures of teachers. The situation also reaches secondary schools that depend on these houses of studies.

This means that many university students have not yet started the second semester, whose start was planned for August 6, after the winter holidays. This week there will be unemployment until Saturday and it is expected that it will have an even greater attachment to the previous one.

"This week the rest of the teachers' unions have joined the strike of the Conadu Histórica. 57 universities, 190 thousand teachers, and thus 1,600,000 students were affected", count to Horn Antonio Roselló, deputy secretary of the Historical Council.

A protest by university professors in La Plata, mid-June (Nievas).

A protest by university professors in La Plata, mid-June (Nievas).

Teachers from schools that depend on national universities, such as the National School of Buenos Aires, the Carlos Pellegrini school and the National School of La Plata, also participated in the claim. "They are all attached, they are more than a hundred in the whole country"says Roselló.

As far as the level of teacher participation is concerned, says Roselló: "Last week we stopped alone (the Historical Conadu), we joined 80%." This week we still do not know why the lessons started at 7 o'clock in the morning. as the rest of the organizations have done, we believe that that percentage will be retained or will grow".

In the meantime, spokespersons from the UBA Clarin have said that the lessons are starting this week strongly, "as there were so far winter courses and other activities." That is, the start of the courses of the courses in the faculties takes place in the middle of the trade union conflict. "Compliance with teachers' unemployment depends strongly on each faculty"expressed by the UBA. "In faculties such as law, economics, architecture or design, where most professors have a study or work in a company and the lesson plan is only a part of their income, unemployment does not feel that much, but in faculties such as Exact, Social and Philosophy, where teachers have more complete dedication, unemployment feels more, "they continued.

How long is unemployment?

This week the strike will last until Saturday. On Friday, in a meeting held at the Plaza de Mayo, will remember whether there will be lessons next week or not. "We are going to determine the modality of the continuity of the battle plan, we see it week after week," says Roselló.

Meanwhile, there are several planned activities. "The measures have been tightened up in all faculties, and the national government will have to listen to our claim, which is a right," said Ileana Celotto, Secretary General of AGBA AG, in a statement.

This week there will be cuddles at universities, interclause meetings and public lessons with courts in the different locations. Friday the guilds will do activities on the Plaza de Mayo, between 7 and 7 pm.

however, the largest meeting is on Thursday 30 August. The guilds are calling for a national march for the headquarters of the Ministry of Education in Buenos Aires, where it is expected that universities from all over the country will participate.

A witness examination

At the National College of Buenos Aires, there was still no normal activity after the winter holidays. "Although we recognize that the claim is fair, the rector was very concerned about the situation of non-teaching and the number of days of unemployment", they said Horn spokespersons of the institution.

National College of Buenos Aires (Archive / Gustavo Garello).

National College of Buenos Aires (Archive / Gustavo Garello).

In the first two weeks there were days with compliance with 70% or 80%. Up to now, the school has set up a schedule where the teacher who wanted to teach could write. That was posted on the website the previous evening and the student knew if he had to come the next day. But this week the claim hardened and therefore they decided to leave that system. "You know that all guilds will become unemployed, so the rector did not put the rosters directly. Although the doors of the school are open, the activity is stopped"the sources said.

All they give is a gender course for students, which is compulsory attendance. There is no other class. Even for the first time in many years, the access courses for the boys who strive to enter the school are not taught.

The negotiations

Monday, August 13 was the last meeting of the trade unions with the government. "They offered us only 5.8% for the month of August," says Roselló. For example, a first-class assistant, up to five years old, a university student, who has between 50 and 200 students, earns $ 6,000, and this means that he will have an increase of $ 300. "That is why the proposal was flatly rejected," he says.

"They gave us unilateral 5% in May and announced on Friday that the 5.8% they offered on Monday is given unilaterally in August. since November last year, which was the last tranche of the previous joint agreement, we have received 10.8% so far", continues Roselló.

There is no date for a new meeting with the government and the figure they proposed is far from the 30% they claim. "With inflation of more than 35%, the government, after three months of failing to meet the parity, proposes a 10.8%, and in installments, more than a disinterest in public education, and it is a provocation ", concluded Celotto.

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