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The university professors ratified the planned march for Thursday in protest of a salary increase and to demand that the budget of the public universities was not cut. The confirmation comes in the midst of the trade unions' expectation for meeting with the authorities of the Ministry of Education on Monday, who convened them in a new attempt to reach an agreement. Be an important week of negotiations after the four consecutive days of a strike in rejecting the government's proposal.

Of the National Federation of University Teachers (Conadu) assured that they are "not optimistic" about what might arise in the new joint meeting. The press secretary of the Conadu, Federico Montero, said they expect "a political decision to resolve the conflict." And he referred to the situation of the teachers of Buenos Aires, who rejected the offer of 20.7% plus $ 210 in the concept of learning material for the ninth time: "We are not optimistic about what happened to teachers in the province."

On Monday, the Minister of Education, Alejandro Finocchiaro and the secretary of the university policy, Danya Tavela, leaders of the Conadu, the Conadu Histrica, FEDUN, CTERA, UDA and FAGDUT will meet at the Sarmiento Palace. During the meeting, the parties will try to bring positions between 15% in three tranches offered by the government and 30% with a trigger clause that the trade unions demand.

According to the Ministry of Education, the call for a wage negotiation was made because five of the six trade unions that grouped the university teachers ceased unemployment. However, despite the expectation for the meeting, there will be no change in plans with the federal march scheduled for Thursday.

During the strike at 57 national universities, the conflict was transferred to social networks. Thousands of users expressed their support for teachers with slogans such as "against adjustment" or "Education is not sold, it is defended". In this situation, some government officials published images with data from the university budget and salary increases to expand the discussion, which was later rejected by the trade unions.

Meanwhile, university lecturers remain "alert and mobilized" during the next six days; so that the activities in the houses of studies are not carried out in a usual way.

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