University teachers from all over the country are starting a new week of unemployment

August 20, 2018 – 20:54
CONADU confirmed unemployment throughout the country from Tuesday to Friday and argued that the government's supply was well below inflation.

The National Confederation of University Teachers (CONADU) has today ratified unemployment across the country from Tuesday to Friday, arguing that the 15% government increase offered by the government is far behind inflation & # 39 ;.
In a dialogue with NA, the press secretary of the federation, Federico Montero, criticized the Ministry of Education for "making the unilateral decision to grant the advance of 5.8 percent" which would be paid in September ", which will contribute to the 5 percent previously offered.
"It does not solve the situation," he emphasized and remarked: "At the last meeting they offered another 15 percent increase in three tranches instead of four, while the same government admitted the IMF that the inflation rate this year would be between 27 and 32 percent. "
Criticizes "the supply far behind inflation", which analyzed that the administration of Mauricio Macri "should reconsider the importance of the production of knowledge in Argentina."
"The Minister of Education, Alejandro Finocchiaro, is out of focus in the reality of the universities," he said.
And he said: "We do not generate conflict, but the government generates it with the adjustment that it intends to make."
He specified that "in the context of the battle plan" the university professors will hold a public lecture at the UBA on Tuesday at 6 pm.
At the same time he pointed out that on Wednesday "together with non-teachers, symbolic cuddly toys will take place in the universities of the country".
For Friday, meanwhile, the guild is analyzing the opportunity to "take a public lesson to the Plaza de Mayo", while for August 30 it is intended to carry the university march to the Ministry of Education.
"There is a clear perception that has to do with salary and budget," said Montero, who said, "We live to teach and we have a strong commitment to the public university."
According to your consideration, there is a "dismantling of an academic matrix in the country".

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