University unemployment: the government recorded an increase under inflation

The beginning of the second semester is frozen in the national universities as a result of a education team for the salary offers of the national government well below inflation. Today, in the context of the second week of unemployment, the Ministry of Education announced that it would grant a increase of 5.8% from August "forward to accountability", which would mean a recalculation of 10.8% so far this year.

"In the month of August, the Ministry of Education of the Nation university teachers will provide 5.8 percent advance to future increases, which could be agreed in the Salary negotiation table that is carried out with this sector", the portfolio executed by Alejandro Finocchiaro in a press release.

Van Onderwijs assured that this redistribution of the salary of 10.8% "is equal to" the inflation between March and June . "Despite the announcements of unemployment, the national government took the decision with the aim of maintaining the purchasing power of salaries, since with this increase and the increase granted in May, the inflation of the four-month period March-June was matched",

However, when the ministry's statement is compared with the inflation figures of the Indec, it is determined that the price increase between March and June is 11.22% (above 10.8%), with which the loss of purchasing power with this offer is only 0.37% if the inflation is taken into account between the third and sixth month of the year .

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If you also take into account that the "increase on account" of the August salary in September begins to fall into the pockets (so that we have to take into account July inflation) and August), the loss of purchasing power could be around 6% if the forecasts of analysts that the inflation in August will be about 3%.

The offer of 5.8% from August, which contributed to 5% received in May, formulated by the Ministry of Education before the unions on Monday, August 13 but was rejected by all trade unions, who to ratify the measures of violence. For all 2018, Finocchiaro offered a 15% increase.

Both CONADU Historical and CONADU ask that the salary increase this year is 30%, even under the inflation forecasts of the consultants, which is estimated to be around the accumulated 34% to December.

Faced with the stalling of negotiations for the official offer, the trade unions ratified the strike requested for next week. This means there are now three weeks of university unemployment.

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