Urtubey rejected accusations of bribery and denounced slander in court

The Governor of Salta Juan Manuel Urtubey rejected accusations for bribes released on Tuesday by various media and social networks At the same time, he filed a complaint for defamation before the judge to investigate who the authors were of spreading the false news.

In the last hours the news that the insured that the governor Urtubey had received bribes during Kirchner to build a gas pipeline of the Valley of Lerma, was distributed via social networks. However, via a short press release, the salteño indicated that the publications are "absolutely false" because the "surviving facts did not exist there and they are the product of despicable lies".

In this connection, the President has announced that he has filed a complaint with the judge, so that "it is investigated who the authors are, their origin and thus initiates criminal proceedings aimed at punishment for slander."

In his complaint, Urtubey said that the above work was carried out by the Salta Chamber of Snuff without intervention of the province. and that "those who are responsible for the publication only try to cause damage by concealing themselves in anonymity". He also argued that "it is necessary to bring scandal to the attention of the judge and to demand the corresponding punishment from his authors, who believe they are unpunished to shame a person in a harsh and unfounded manner. to make.

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