Urtubey: we must help Argentina to do well from the government and the opposition

Urtubey agreed with Cornejo that "we Argentines have a moral duty to help build up Argentina that we are still indebted to each other no matter where they come from, beyond our partisan political beliefs "and stressed that "you must work together because people need results and you need them now". The Salta said that "the only way out of this crisis is to do and do everything together, especially for the most vulnerable sectors."

Alfredo Cornejo for his part pointed out that "first we must act openly and speak very clearly with the leaders of politics, trade unions and affairs"and noted that" we must participate in this threefold agreement between the government, reasonable opposition and the IMF to advance the economy of the country. "

Both governors then took part in the presentation of the next games that the Puma & # 39; s will play in the context of the Rugby Championship.

In Mendoza the national team will face South Africa on Saturday, while Salta will receive the Wallabies on October 6, while the Australians will see the Puma's in the Padre Ernesto Martearena stadium in the capital of Salta.

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