Vandalize Bust of Nestor and dress him as a prisoner Chronicle

A bust of Néstor Kirchner in the city of Rosario appeared during the weekend with white ribbons that simulate a prison suit. The sculpture is located in Cuatro Plazas, located in the western area of ​​the city of Santa Fe.

This vandalism arises in the midst of the outbreak of the scandal of "notebooks of corruption", Who undoed the payment of millions of dollars in bribes during the previous government, paid the obeisances to the former president.

From different parts of the country and even from abroad, campaigns began to erase the name of the former president of streets, avenues, routes, hospitals and terminals.

The bust of Néstor Kirchner, painted in his prison suit.

Counsel for Change Carlos Cardozo, the first was proposed to be removed, with the justification that Néstor "eThe ideologist of an unauthorized association ".

In Morón, the local government also presented a similar proposal in the Deliberative Council to remove the bust of the former president, installed in 2013.

"A city of honest people and work, where, despite political differences, there are no national news corruption scandals, it does not deserve to have a bust or a walk or a plaque named Néstor Carlos Kirchner", condemned Cardozo.

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