Victoria de Cambiemos in Marcos Juárez: similarities and differences compared to 2014

Pedro Dellarossa, flanked by Rodríguez Machado, Negri, Mestre and Baldassi Source: LA NACION

CORDOBA. Let's change
yesterday he broadened his difference in Marcos Juarez, the eastern city of Cordoba, compared to what he had achieved in 2014, when the alliance took a first step in the formation. The candidate was the same, Pedro Dellarossa, son of a former mayor. The last name is Marcos Juarez as the Posse a

San Isidro
in Buenos Aires.

The difference in political society compared with four years earlier was that the neighborhood movement arrived divided; a part with Cambiemos and the other with Peronism. In 2014, the now re-elected mayor reached 36.48% and this year he added 52.4%; then he fought with the Peronist Daniel Fragazzini, who had nine points less yesterday than Eduardo Foresi (with the support of a neighborhood sector).

Dellarossa celebrated victory by sharing it with President Mauricio Macri to whom he offered it as a "fresh wind"

Dellarossa celebrated victory by sharing it with the president

Mauricio Macri
to whom he offered it as "a fresh wind". For the PRO Córdoba – represented last night by Senator Laura Rodríguez Machado and

Héctor Baldassi
– the triumph gives courage to continue to grow in the province, where its radical partners have the greatest territorial control.


He climbed into his bet and in the middle of the feast in Marcos Juárez Ramon Mestre – now president of the Provincial Committee – stood with his idea of ​​"a change in Cordoba" in which the Casa Rosada does not decide who will be the candidate for governor's year that's coming "The owners of Cambiemos are everything," he said.

Dear Pedro, congratulations on this triumph in dear Marcos Juárez, I remember that the Cambiemos dream began years ago; This trust that you have received today must be returned

Mauricio Macri (president of the nation)

The memory of 2015 is fresh, when Macri tended

Oscar Aguad
. It was precisely the Minister of Defense who accompanied Macri four years ago to celebrate it in Marcos Juárez. At that time, the UCR was not yet determined to enter into an alliance with the PRO.

Oscar Aguad and Mauricio Macri
Oscar Aguad and Mauricio Macri Source: archive

He began six months after the common elections
We change when Macri and

Ernesto Sanz
they have closed the alliance

Between rivers

That is why Macri in his greeting to Dellarossa is called: "Dear Pedro, congratulations with this triumph in the dear Marcos Juárez, I remember that Cambiemos's dream started years ago, this confidence that you have received today must be every day be returned more strongly, more convinced than ever. "

Mario Negri
also provincialized the victory (2019 will be 20 years of Peronism in

) but differs from Mestre. He interpreted that there was "overwhelming support for the Dellarossa intendant and the direction taken by Macri to cope with the difficulties, to tell the truth, not to lie, to be serious and not to steal, to continue to accompany the Argentines."

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