Vidal: "I recognize that it is a difficult time and people do not have fun"

The Governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, confirmed this Saturday to worry about the economic situation and admitted that "people do not have a good time", after making a ring in the city of Mar del Silver

"I recognize that this is a difficult time, that people do not like it", Vidal said and added: "I'm worried about inflation, that every Buenos Airesian can come to an end

Speaking to FM Atlántica Latina, the governor stressed that she "is particularly concerned about the impact that inflation has on food, rates" and stressed: " That is why we use Provincial and municipal taxes. "

The Buenosian governor expressed himself in this way after performing a timbre in the resort, typical of the PRO activity that is usually carried out at national level, but this time it was the only protagonist.

]" Seguimos like every week through the province. Today we were in Mar del Plata and we set off to listen to the neighbors, to talk about what we do together and how we can keep improving, "said change leader on Twitter, where he posted a photo of him who walked with a neighbor 19659004] The governor of the province of Buenos Aires arrived last Friday in Mar del Plata, accompanied by the Minister of the Interior of the nation, Rogelio Frigerio with whom he created the new sewage treatment plant of that district inaugurated Province of Buenos Aires

"This work is a reality, like so many others who were in the province so that residents of Buenos Aires can live better; works that start and end, transparent, not empty posters for years without reaction to anyone, "Vidal said during the act

The president said that " there is still a long way to go for this city as marplatenses they deserve, the one we lived when we were children " and added:" We are working for that city. We come throughout the year to push and be better, so that the people from Mar del Plata who live and love this city every day, have the feeling that Mar del Plata is growing and advancing. "

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