Video: collectors saved a puppy that was thrown in the trash can

The garbage collectors stopped the truck halfway through their journey because they heard a strange noise. After a first glance they found nothing but the sound, as if a howling or groaning existed. Accustomed to finding terrible things in the garbage, they decided to empty the cargo on the street. They struggled with fear of finding a rat or a sick animal that could attack them, but When the tender creature appeared, they fell in love.

"Today we're getting the air in my laburo, because we've opened a truck full of trash because We listened to cry a puppy. Born again you have to be the son of … to throw away this beauty. Well, "Fernando wrote in his Twitter account, happy after he had saved the life of the cute puppy who had been thrown into the trash.

According to the hero of this story, the pet was adopted by one of his colleagues, who brought it to his home as a surprise for his daughter. "That beauty is in good hands"he counted with joy.

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