Villa Ballester: they march to demand justice for the death of Zaira Rodríguez

Relatives of Zaira Rodríguez and residents of Villa Ballester asked for justice for the crime of the pilot Credit: Daniel Jayo

The crime of the karting driver
Zaira Rodríguez produced the

and the saturation of a group of neighbors from

Villa Ballester
who decided to march to ask for justice for the girl and a brake on insecurity in the city of Buenos Aires.

The family members of the young woman and residents of the city who belonged to the San Martín party, mobilized with posters and chants, to the vicinity of the 2nd part of the Buenos Aires police.

The point of greatest commotion was after 19:00 when Claudio Rodríguez, the father of Zaira, came to the press and said: "The police have nothing to do with this, it is the judges and the prosecutors who have to work for me. daughter, they can not do anything without the judges or prosecutors. & # 39;

"I do not want aggression against anyone else, otherwise we will leave.
We come because the judges have to work so that the police can act. That does not stay unpunished. It is sufficient to take numbers to see who will play tomorrow. Justice for everyone, "he added.

In addition to the departure, the neighbors signed a petition that was delivered to the mayor, Gabriel Katopodis. It is intended to be raised against the government as the problems of insecurity in the area are exposed in detail.

On Saturday, Zaira Rodríguez (21) and her friend (in) left their car at around 10 pm when they were intercepted by at least two motorcycles.
The couple tried to flee, so the criminals shot at the vehicle.

In the meantime, researchers try to be an accomplice to the murder of the motorcyclist's brother and the only detainee, judicial sources that have been reported today.

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