violence, abuse, pressure and not seeing their parents

The economist talked about his hard youth and how his current relationship with his family is: "The beatings he received do not scare him today."

The controversial economist Javier Milei became famous for the last time, not only for his ecnómico analysis of the current time and his predictions, but also for some controversial situations that caused him to be mentioned in the Chimentos programs.
Now Javier was invited to the program that I have to say and his statements have not gone unnoticed. During his participation in the program, conducted by Luis Novaresio in America, the economist talked about the physical and psychological abuse he received from his father during his youth, and when he studied at the university.

"As a boy there was physical abuse, and we are talking about a person of 1.90, they were not normal assault, and when I was studying, it was always disdainful for my career, he always told me it was a mess, that I would die of hunger, that I would be useless. "As can be seen in the video published by Infobae, Milei explained that, in the years that he studied economics at the University of Belgrano, his father" put him in very complicated situations. "so that he performed poorly on exams. None of this prevented him from receiving an average of 9.43.

"All those ill-treatments I received when I was little do not scare me today." Milei has revealed that she has not spoken with her parents for more than eight years. "They do not exist for me," he said. "What if they watch you on TV now?", Asked Novaresio. "I do not give anything," said the analyst.

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