"We return to Argentina earlier," warn of the CRA

FEDERAL CAPITAL. The President of Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas (CRA), Dardo Chiesa, added the criticisms of various agricultural leaders before the possible imposition of deductions on the sector and said that if they were achieved, "we would return to Argentina".

"We talk to the Ministry of Agribusiness and they tell us that there is nothing today, but we know it is being studied." This government said it gambled on a productive model in which retentions were an instrument of the past and we return to Argentina earlier. ", criticized the head of CRA in dialogue with Continental radio.

"We know about the budget deficit and that is the intention, despite the fact that the president does not want it, we are in a complicated moment, but in this way, concepts of deep changes in Argentina are being violated. with the government is broken, "he added.

Chiesa said the rumors and transcendencies & # 39; a lot of dissatisfaction & # 39; caused the members of CRA and distributed them & # 39; & # 39; are in relation to the measures that can be taken. "I have people who are willing to go out and someone else who says you have to make a sacrifice because the country is wrong," he concluded.

During the last few hours, the chairman of the cooperative entity Coninagro, Carlos Iannizzotto, considered "inappropriate" to apply more taxes and said that "in the latest announcements, the government said it would work for the deficit by reducing of expenditure ".

"In order to place taxes precisely on what many times the government itself is hopeful to be the source of the currencies, what the terrain is, then from this point of view it does not seem sufficient to levy taxes and extractively. are in the agro-industrial activities that generate foreign currency, "he added.

He pointed out that "you can not apply tax measures to reduce the deficit, but completely different, productive measures that lead to employment and employment."

For his part, the president of the Argentinian rural society (SRA), Daniel Pelegrina, warned that he was applying retentions or reducing their decline "would be stumbled twice with the same stone" and said that "with the reduction of retentions the economy was motorized from the interior, which is a more federal way "of the distribution of wealth.

When asked about the profit generated by the devaluation of the peso, the president of the SRA analyzed that "it does not benefit all sectors because they are not all exported, it depends on each cost structure".

"It is more efficient that we levy taxes through income tax than export capacity," the official said.

While Horacio Salaverri, Treasurer of the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (Carbap), said that "the retentions did not produce any results and when they were removed, the production of corn and wheat multiplied".

"It is not a good tax for anything and it should not exist.Now, if the situation justifies an emergency situation, we should see if all sectors are willing to cooperate, see what everyone can contribute, not just the field. , "he said.

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