What the "Cuervo" Larroque said after being involved in the bribes of bribes

August 20, 2018

The National Delegate broke the silence after he was appointed as one of the leaders of La Campora, who was a recipient of black silver.

The scandal of the notebooks from coimas K It continues to splash different businessmen and politicians who are directly connected to Kirchnerism.

On this occasion was one of the most important points Andrés "the Crow" Larroque, national deputy who is one of the heads of The camperI was a black silver receiver.

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Through his Twitter account, the FPV delegate manifested this weekend during participation in the Villa 20 of a few celebrations for the plan that makes it possible to complete their primary or secondary education for more than 18 years:"The only notebooks that concern us are those of the Companions of the Fines, so they can finish the secondary"he said.

Larroque was involved in the case because of the testimony of Martín Larraburu, who was the private secretary and the right hand of the former chief of staff of Cristina Kirchner, Juan Manuel Abal Medina. In this sense he stated that the black money that Abal Medina received from the business people who financed the FPV political campaigns was managed by the staff of La Cámpora.

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"When Cuervo says it refers to the leader Larroque, when he says that Ottavis refers to the leader José Ottavis"Martin Larraburu pointed to federal judge Bonadio in his research.

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