What was it to ask? "Chiqui" Tapia during the ride of faith in San Juan MundoD, The best sports website in Córdoba

Claudio Tapia the president of AFA, was in his birthplace San Juan and participated in the traditional Cavalcade of Faith.

  • "Chiqui" was shown in social networks on top of a horse that is part of the Rides that arrived at the riders until the late Correa.

Among those who accompanied the head of the AFA was the governor of the province, Sergio Uñac.

Have you made a special request for Tapia before the Difunta Correa? A promise?

As reported by Diario de Cuyo Tapia is a well-known devotee of the Difunta Correa. Thus the sanjuanino tied his handkerchief to the neck and wore the heavenly and white flag on his arrival at the site.

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