When they killed her, the La Plata hammer had already asked for a remission to Ezeiza: she went to Disney with her partner – 25-08-2018

The house itself was already a fact. But the trip to Disney and the rest of the couple's projects they were buried after the fierce attack from a bricklayer against Sabrina Antonolli (33), the platen hammer that was found dead on Thursday at her home in the Hippodrome neighborhood.

Her husband, Ignacio Plotycia, found her when he entered the house that they both bought a mortgage loan three months ago and found a pool of water in one of the hallways. That irregularity attracted the attention of the boy, who quickly went to Sabrina. That was me thrown in the bathroom, with the skull shattered for a mace. The attacker was still there and he also hit the boy, an accountant who works in the center of La Plata.

Plotycia could call 911 and hours later the police arrested the alleged perpetrator in the neighborhood of 7 and 32, one of the busiest corners of the capital of Buenos Aires. He was identified as Marcelo Dobal, Paraguayan, 24 years old and still researchers they have no hypothesis for murder. I wanted to steal the hammerhead. Dobal had done some masonry work.

Sabrina Antonili was found lifeless by her husband. (Facebook)

Sabrina Antonili was found lifeless by her husband. (Facebook)

Has that marriage recently moved to that part of the capital of Buenos Aires? just married, both with permanent jobs and plans to expand the family, they devoted these months 2018 to make arrangements about the property. According to those close to the victims, they also planned a break in the US, including a visit to the Orlando promenade. They had rented a remis that would take them to Ezeiza a few hours after the violent murder. The suspicion is that The suspect was for money and dollars.

The couple lived in 116, between 32 and 33, in the capital Bonaernese (@juanrubinacci)

The couple lived in 116, between 32 and 33, in the capital Bonaernese (@juanrubinacci)

Antonoli lived with his partner in 116 between 32 and 33. A block from the Roca Railroad tracks and 10 blocks from the area known as "hippodrome", due to its proximity to the equestrian circus of La Plata. According to police sources, Antonoli was a professional at the Colegio de Martilleros de La Plata. There he had studied and It was received four years ago.

Yesterday, assistants of the parquet of Marcelo Martini gave testimony to Pltycia in the Spanish hospital, where he recovers from a battle in the area of ​​head and shoulder. Dobal is being held in a town hall in La Plata and refused to testify in the investigation.

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