When Tinelli decides to be a candidate for president "it will be within the peronism", says Larry De Clay – 19-08-2018

His real name is Raúl Biaggioni, but almost everyone knows him more by his baptism in the world of comedy and the media: Larry De Clay . Like his boss and mentor, Marcelo Tinelli, he always has the bichito of politics. Until a few years ago he was a Kirchnerist councilor and a staunch defender of the decade won. He even wanted to become mayor of Escobar, but he did not do well in the polls. After the elections, he finished with La Campora and approached Massismo.

  Larry De Clay considers himself a

Larry De Clay regards himself as a & # 39; verticalist & # 39; from Perón. And directed against the "children" Kirchner.

The Clay speaks again about politics. But not so much of him, but of what everyone knows that would cause more repercussions: Tinelli candidate for president . "If it is launched, it will be within Peronism or on the one hand, you will see how we are (the Peronists)," said the comedian. But he added that the driver should first become a candidate from the city where he was born, Bolívar. "Arrancás de Bolívar, you win it safely, and then you go up," he predicted.

Speaking to the Sobremesa program, for Milenium, De Clay tried to define a profile of his boss, stating that he has far more of a child from the neighborhood than a successful millionaire. "I always say, the difference that we can have with Tinelli is in the bank account as a joke, but it is a man who is a year older than I," he remarked. And in that sense, he said that he did not want to be a candidate because the policy is complicated, it is really complicated & # 39 ;. And concluded with a reflection: "If Tinelli is in politics a Tineller ? Could it be that the Kirchnerists, the Macrists, are Tinellers, as it suits you?"

  Politician. Larry De Clay was also council member K and candidate for intendant of Escobar.

Politician. Larry De Clay was also council member K and candidate for intendant of Escobar.

In line with some criticism (somewhat undermined by the irony) that the ShowMatch driver usually does to the government, the comedian did not hesitate to attack President Mauricio. Macri: " Bianchi is the culprit of how the country is now, if I had not won so much with Boca, maybe Macri would not be in the presidency."

In the interview he gave to journalist Diego Schurman, De Clay did not praise the subject of corruption K : "I do not know if Cristina is corrupt, Sometimes it happens that those who are next door are corrupt are, I do not believe that this boy (Rye) I have seen in my pajamas or jogging, I do not think can be so rude? ". And he continued: "Now the other boy, Lanatta, appeared with Aníbal Fernández, who is not a saint of my devotion, saying:" I wrote everything down in a notebook. "Now they all note in notebooks?"

Quick reflection, the strip turned against the government to emphasize that "here is the cousin of the president, Calcaterra ." The president, in 2007, was still in IECSA Well, at that time there was also corruption And what happened? 76, when the dictatorship came in, the Macri group had 4 or 5 companies, and when it ends it is about 40 and I do not know, I want to believe that they have done it lawfully, but there are many things that You could see them too. & # 39;

His passage as a legislator was not omitted. The Clay admitted that he had approached Massa, whom he regards as his friend. And pointed to "the children" Kirchner but did not want to refer directly to the Campora. "When Kirchnisme was a government, I was a councilor and candidate for the mayor, then I saw a lot of things that did not coincide in 2012, and I went the other way," he recalled. And he emphasized that he is a "Peronist verticalist but not of these children." What they did well, they did well, and what they did wrong was that they went to Justice . "

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