Who is the prefect arrested for the crime in the toll of the highway Illia – 30/09/2018

While the judge examines Daniel de Jesús Acosta (28) for the crime of Damián Cutrera (41), in the Argentine navy, they started an internal investigation to evaluate their actions.

Up to now, Acosta has been working under grade 1 in the PNA. It fulfilled functions in the general workshops of ship repairs on a chair in San Fernando, in the north of the Buenos Aires conurbano.

The prefect Daniel Acosta (28), arrested after killing a man with a gunshot in an argument at the tollgate of the Illia highway.

The prefect Daniel Acosta (28), arrested after killing a man with a gunshot in an argument at the tollgate of the Illia highway.

As indicated on Horn Spokesmen of the Force, "the agent" did not count on summaries against him nor did he ever have a complaint or a wake-up call for behavioral problems. "In addition, they commented:" He has been in Force for eight years, he enjoys good concept. We are all very surprised by what has happened".

Daniel Acosta is accused of "aggravated murder for the use of a firearm". To shoot Cutrera, he used his regulating gun, caliber 9 millimeters. The only group they found after the crime at the tollgate of Retreat of the Illia was that weapon.

Damián Cutrera, the victim, with his wife.

Damián Cutrera, the victim, with his wife.

Acosta comes from Salta. He studied the career in industrial engineering at the National University of Salta for a while after leaving his home in El Tunal. Then he went to the prefecture, on February 14, 2010. He also studied guitar.

The sources indicated that he has positions in San Fernando, where he lives with his family, and that the last ascent took place in December 2016 (the direct lower hierarchies are corporal 2º and seaman).

Although they could not confirm when the last psychiatric exam was that they were in the Force, they warned that to become corporal 1 ° had to undergo a "medical analysis that would include a psychological analysis".

Sources consulted by Horn They confirmed that an internal summary has already been opened to analyze the actions of Acosta.

"The investigation is in the hands of the judge, but independently of this there will be a parallel investigation in the prefecture.In addition to the criminal case, it will be judged by a Force committee.Although he is acquitted, he can be acquitted if his actions do not match. The prefecture does not support this situation in any way", They clarified.

Acosta is combined with Jennifer Rodríguez (25), who received a child from a previous partner. This Sunday the boy was not with them when they returned from Berazategui, the date of birth of a relative with the other two children of the couple, a two-year-old baby and a baby of one.

According to lawyer Ramiro Zoloaga, Jennifer slept with the baby in her arms when her partner Cutrera shot. The baby also rested on the back seat.

Acosta is an active user of the social network Facebook, where he usually shares chains. Last Wednesday, the day after the national transport stop, he repeated a message with the following message: "They are at 5 o'clock in the morning to prune the streets. If they would do it every day to work together, we would be a force. Coherence please".

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