With permission from the Senate they sought the houses of Cristina Kirchner in Recoleta and Río Gallegos – 23-08-2018

With dogs following money, special equipment and a large search warrant, the federal police on Thursday entered two properties of Cristina Kirchner: the Recoleta department where the former president lives and the family home of Río Gallegos. The agents started shortly before noon and extended until evening fell.

The measure was taken by Judge Claudio Bonadio, who investigates the former president as head of an illegal association that focused on the collection of illegal funds. It was hours after reception green light of the Senate, who unanimously approved the raids and without accepting the conditions that the ex-president wanted to bring to justice.

It is suspected that some of the money that was charged to contractors of the state was kept in the houses that were raided.. The magistrate did not take part in the proceedings and Kirchner rejected the court decision to prevent the lawyer of the former president, Carlos Beraldi, from entering the Recoleta department during the robbery. In Courts indicated that the judge is not obliged to allow the pawns to appoint a lawyer to verify the operation.

The federal police received an order that allowed the absolute review of three Cristina Kirchner properties. The house of the Kirchners in El Calafate will be robbed on Friday since the same personnel that performed the operation will participate in the capital of Santa Cruz.

The agents started in the department of Buenos Aires in Juncal and Uruguay. Bonadio requested to analyze, assess and take everything into account "It is relevant for the cause". This is the file that follows the path of bribes for $ 200 million, "illegal funds" that former officials of the defunct Federal Planning Bureau in the construction and energy buying companies have collected.

What happened inside the building? The infantry personnel came in with dogs specializing in tracking money and had a ban on taking photos. During the extensive operation "all walls have been checked, measures have been taken to see if there are works or structural changes", explained legal sources to Clarín. They also checked all rooms in the ward to verify the distribution of the testimonies of several defendants: they described where the suitcases were, how everything was organized in the house. They were also asked for this the plans of the property.

3,000 kilometers away, in Río Gallegos, shortly after another group of the Federale Mascarello entered 441. This villa on the waterfront of the capital of Santa Cruz also attracted the attention of neighbors who came to photograph. The provincial deputy Matias Besi was there, a friend of Máximo Kirchner and a representative of the family. The troops also came in with customs dogs who traced money, but traveled the entire area. Employees of the National Appraisal Tribunal (TTN) also participated and analyzed the structure of the house whose value is equal to $ 570,000, more than double what the previous president stated. The design of the house was also analyzed, if there were changes in the construction and if it had room for the possible storage of money.

The maneuver investigated by prosecutor Carlos Stornelli would have focused on the unauthorized enrichment of the chief leaders and organizers of the criminal structure, namely Cristina Kirchner, Julio De Vido and Roberto Baratta. The goal of the unauthorized association was fulfilled, the judge points out, by the uninterrupted participation of the businessmen who, in a period of four years, 35 million dollars.

The route of the bags and bags that Baratta collected usually had the destination "the south" and the Recoleta department of the former president, according to various testimonies that were made in the lawsuit. Among them, the former director of Baratta, Oscar Centeno; the former official Claudio Uberti; the financier Ernesto Clarens and the former presidential pilot Sergio Velázquez.

Against this background, Bonadio has asked the Senate to seek Cristina. The discussion was postponed for more than two weeks until the measure was approved on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, the judge received the official notification signed by Vice President Gabriela Michetti at the first hour. Three search orders were issued. The operation in the Uruguay and Juncal department was followed by Kirchner militants with posters and banners.

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