Without the presence of the ruling party, mayors demanded that they withdraw with the elimination of the FFS – News

Without the presence of the verdict, intendants claimed to withdraw with the elimination of the FFS

Municipal executives from all over the country presented themselves for a plenary committee, called by the Justicialismo. The Matanzas Vernica Magario has requested an urgent session to cancel the DNU.

Intendants from various provinces of the country demanded the elimination of the federal solidarity fund, arranged by the national government through the DNU 756/18 published last week.

During an informative meeting in the Chamber of Deputies, where Cambiemos lawmakers were not present, the leaders of the community asked the decision to end with

The measure was announced by the Ministry of Finance in the context of an adjustment of 65,500 million pesos for the remainder of 2018.

The decree was harshly criticized by the entire opposition arch, both in the lower house and in the senate, and even legislators have already proposed the repeal. It should be noted that the DNU must be debated in the Bicameral or Legislative Proceedings.

The FFS was founded in 2009 by a decree of former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and was intended to transfer funds to the provinces, the city of Buenos Aires and the municipalities with the idea of ​​financing works.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Head of the Committee of Municipal Affairs, Eduardo "Bali" Bucca (Justitiek), said that this "unconvincing decision, like so many others that President Macri has taken, leaves the Argentines even more unprotected."

To this extent, Juan Jose Bahillo (Justicialista), chairman of the Committee on Public Works, maintained that this Fund "works with its own resources and allows work to be done: it is a tool to give the quality of life to its neighbors".

One of the most emphatic speeches was that of Verónica Magario, the intendant of the La Matanza party and also chairman of the Federación Argentina de Municipios.

"This decree of necessity and urgency necessitates that this House urgently convenes a special session and declares it null, withdraws, or does what it has to do, so that the money returns to every employee, to every teacher, and so that our poor no longer need whether our workers become poor, "he said.

For the former delegate, "removing this fund from the municipalities would reduce the possibility of development" and warned that "this is the last fund that will allow the mayors to be made redundant".

"This cutback and this adjustment to people must be stopped and we ask the president of the nation to listen to all the country's intenders to solve this", Magario added.

In addition, the province leader explained per province how much the decrease of the money represents with this measure and, among the worst-hit districts, said that Buenos Aires will lose 7.734 million pesos; Santa Fe, $ 3.147 million; Córdoba, $ 3.127 million; Chaco, $ 1.757 million; and Entre Ríos, $ 1,719 million.

The first of the intendant to speak was Mario Cuenca (Campo Santo, Salta), who doubted that there is no law that can approve this Fund and has spoken against the national government for "many measures against the provinces".

Guillermo Ferreyra (Fray Mamerto Esquiú, Catamarca) pointed out that "this measure completely breaks down what developed in terms of federalism" and stressed that the FFS meant "work; it was the only fund we had left to the intenders. to do a job ".

"The situation we have today, the municipalities in the north, is terrible, and this adjustment represents the impossibility of continuing with the efforts and work we have carried out through the Federal Solidarity Fund and it will be very damaging for us to stop this fund, "said Adrián Mendieta, mayor of El Carmen, Jujuy.

Meanwhile, Claudio Queno (Tolhuin, Tierra del Fuego) remarked that the FFS was "very important, we have achieved many works." "I am going to celebrate this claim, which must be made to the national government," he added.

Buenos Aires was also visited by Daniel Menéndez, mayor of Merlo and president of the PJ bonarense, and community leaders from the provinces of Tucumán, Santiago del Estero, Entre Ríos and La Pampa.

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