"You are a Frigerio operator"

Miguel Pichetto helps with a dozen voices of his advice to punish the budget of 2019, but shows the internal break that has suffered this afternoon in the meeting of the bloc, and without the Tucuman Jos Alperovich and Beatriz Mirkin.

"You are a Frigerio operator, you are not the head of this block," said Jos Mayans, who had attacked him last week in the presence of the Minister of the Interior in the Budget Committee.

Formoseo claims no claim to the soy fund, a box of 100 billion pesos rejected by Mauricio Macri for a DNU in August. "You can not tell me that I am repairing the province with 5 billion!" He shouted.

"I have a realistic speech, to solve the problems of the provinces, you are very difficult, with a speech on the left," reproaches the Rio Negro, who met Frigerio and Emilio Monz this afternoon to see the numbers in the Chamber of Deputies. to watch .

"You are very difficult, you have a speech from the left," replied Pichetto, who gave the necessary votes to punish the budget.

"I am not difficult, about ten positive results from the government to show?", Challenged the Maya, during a tour to be repeated in the fence, where the Gildo Insfrn asked for the soya fund again.

As explained by the LPO, Gabriela Michetti called a special session to limit the agenda and prevent the claim from falling into the soy fund. Pichetto does not complain and will guarantee the sanction of the budget tomorrow with a handful of his instructions.

Dalmacio Mera, Carlos Caserio, Rodolfo Urtubey, entrerrianos Pedro Guastavino and Sigrid Kunath, sanjuaninos Rubn Uac and Cristina Valverde and Carlos Menem, as it seems.

The Fueguinos Jos Ojeda and Julio Cataln Magni will determine their position tomorrow, but not before they confirm that their governor, Rosana Bertone, has received the final requests to the government.

The rest of the justicialista block does not support this. Carlos Espnola abstains and votes against the Chubut people Alfredo Luenzo and Mario Pas, Mayans and their partner Mara Teresa Gonzlez, the Pampas Daniel Lovera and Norma Durango, the chaqueo Eduardo Aguilar, Santafeino Omar Perotti, the Catamarquea Ins Blas and the jujueo Guillermo Snopek.

Several came together this afternoon with the Kirchner senators and Fernando "Pino" Solanas and the governor of San Luis Alberto Rodrguez Sa, who asked for an internal opposition to define Macri's successor. Not his brother Adolfo, senator and assistant manager who found San Luis deputies at the qurum.

Let's change the needs 37 to get to most, but be more than 40 comfortable. To the 25 senators and the usual help of Carlos Reutemann, adds the contribution of neuquinos, the skips Juan Carlos Romero and Mara Viuales, the two missionaries and the 3 santiagueos, or at least 2. Macri receives the governor Gerardo Zamora to him. to beg . He does not want risks.

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