Zanella canceled the production of trucks in the country

Things changed. The announcement was canceled from May 2017 to August 2018. In a statement, Zanella proudly said that "for the first time in the country began producing vehicles with four-wheel drive," he had not proposed that fifteen months later he would have to cancel his production program of national production units for reasons that related to the "economic situation" ".

"Minarelli SA plans to manufacture its cars and trucks under the Zanella brand at its plant in the Mar del Plata industrial park, and starts its production with the Z-Truck model, a four-wheel commercial vehicle with national components. ", the communiqué announced that the signing fourth of Decree 297/17 of the National Executive Power, published on April 28, 2017 in the Government Gazette in which the brand was incorporated into the Automotive Industry Regime as a terminal company.

He enthusiastically remembered his plans to operate as an automotive terminal with a planned $ 18 million investment in the city of Mar del Plata. "There, cars and trucks are produced, with which their production line is put into use with the Z-Truck model, an economical and powerful utilitarian truck," he said.

The model in question was presented last year at the motor show in Buenos Aires, mixed with motorcycles. Walter Steiner, president of Zanella, stated at the time: "The first four-wheeled vehicle that we are going to produce will be the only utilitarian of that segment that is actually produced in the country and will be destined for the domestic market and exports." It was a hybrid service between pick-ups and vans with the aim to solve the demands of "those seeking an economical solution for both work and family" according to the brand's own definitions.

The plan has a prediction: generate 1,200 units per year in the first phase of the project with the integration of 80 employees. Then, with an extension of the terminal ceded by the municipality, the production would be 3,600 and an increase of the permanent factory of 250 employees.

The reality is another. Production plans for four-wheeled vehicles were canceled. And in the General Savio Industrial Park, where motorcycles of the brand are assembled, there was an interruption of the staff. "This crisis does not come from Mar del Plata, it is national, it has to do with the low demand that exists in all car terminals in general, and in all provinces, this situation takes place. do not suspend the staff to have no other problem that includes the stock, "said the secretary of Productive Development and Modernization of the municipality, Massimo Macchiavello, on the marplatense half 0223.

"The change in the economic context, the emergence of new competitors importing the end product and the current tariff conditions that do not distinguish between the import of parts and armed products have led us to change the planned plans five years ago when the company permission to operate as an automobile terminal ", responded from the brand's offices before the Infobae consultations. "However, we are optimistic that the scenario will be beneficial so that we can produce these types of vehicles holistically and locally, because we always prefer to add to the national industry," they confirmed.

Given this new panorama, since Zanella announced the intention to integrate local components into imported units: "As a start-up phase, we use finished products and other parts to assemble locally, because the ultimate goal is to achieve optimal conditions for Production to generate Zanella Force line with an integration of up to 40% Just as in recent months we continue to work with the national government to feed the local industry to an increasing extent. "

Zanella will make a transition to urban facilities with imported copies from China. The presentation of its new range of vehicles will take place at the 11th Transport Expo, an international exhibition of equipment and technology for freight and passenger transport by the engine. The line Force trucks with three versions will finally be unveiled: chassis, single cabin and double cab.

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