Footprints that unlock a mobile

Scientists have made a fingerprint that gives access to all phones.

(CCM) – A team of researchers from the Universities of New York and Michigan, United States, have onen type of fingerprint that, thanks to artificial intelligence, works like a master key that allows you to unlock any phone that uses this biometric security system, as it is collected by the site (in English) motherboard.

The system, called DeepMasterPrints, sand it's worth a database with over 6,000 real fingerprints, which combines your neural intelligence network to create a synthetic & # 39; make it possible to work on a large number of devices. To this end, you use the fact that fingerprint readers usually only perform partial fingerprints to allow the phone to unlock, even if the finger is not properly positioned.

According to the researchers, this technology works in up to 77% of cases smartphones with an undemanding unlocking system, while the effectiveness is reduced to 22% when the scanner is more demanding and only 1% in mobile phones with a higher security level. In any case, the finding demonstrates the need to improve biometric security measures; previously he showed that it is also possible to deceive facial recognition systems.

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