Guide to using Google technology to improve night photo & # 39; s

A historical problem that all mobile phones have is the quality of the photos in night mode. Despite the progress, most teams still did not have the powerful enough capacity to make perfect shots in the dark. however, a new model developed by google contains a revolutionary function.

It is about google Pixel 3, with a powerful night mode called "night sight"(Night vision). But even though you do not have the Google Pixel, there are developers who work so that the night mode function can be used in the rest of the equipment Android download a file on the device. Note: it is not yet available for all models.

With night vision and no night vision.

Undoubtedly taking a good photo in a night scene is usually a huge challenge. The new "night sight"It requires less sudden movements to prevent blurred images. In the beginning it may not be clear, because it takes a moment to process in the dark.

Experts believe that the new function is more optimal when there is little or no light in the frames today. In this way you can distinguish the difference between a normal image and one made with the activated function.

The positive thing is that night vision also works with the front camera. Because it is not yet available on all devices, however, errors can occur. however, despite the failures that it can register (restartsabrupt closures and so on), the benefits are superior.

Night vision The key to having good photos.

The modality is not available on all phones. For now it is not in the play store, although you can download from other websites with a file APK for Android devices. The file can find herealthough it is advisable to check if it is compatible with the Android model.

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