I know why the phones are being warmed up with Android – Infofueguina

The phones with Android operating system are the most popular in the world, although they have a disadvantage that users already consider normal. After intensive use, the devices become hot and they no longer work correctly.

This can happen after a long telephone call or the use of many applications at the same time. That's why since avast, the global company in cybersecurity products, has announced the most common causes.

Although the phones with this system usually get a little warm, it is a problem when the temperature rises more than normal, making the device usually faulty or even can be turned off.

One of the causes may be the use of games on the phone for several hours in a row. What is also bad for the device Android It is the visualization of many videos & # 39; s constant. This is because the screen has been switched on for a long time and the GPU from the phone.

One of the biggest concerns is the malware, because malicious applications are usually fragments of code without optimizing, monopolizing the CPU and the memory of the phone.

For this the phone needs to be cooled and the best option is to close certain applications via Settings> Applications> Start applications> [La aplicacin que deseas cerrar] and stop Stop or Forceer. You can also use the phone option in energy-saving mode.

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