Instagram can delete your account if you have paid for "likes" or followers


In this digital age dominated by social media, the thirst for "followers" and getting those elusive "likes" is very real. Whether it's promoting a company, announcing a product or service, or simply caressing your ego, it can be difficult to get followers. However, if you want to increase your reach online, there are many tips and tricks that can help you bring your page to a broader audience with a minimum of effort.

But not everyone chooses the right way to expand his reach. Many choose to pay services that pay & # 39; likes & # 39; or offer fraudulent followers. For this, Instagram has announced that it will start by eliminating "likes", followers and comments that are not authentic accounts of users using third-party applications as a way to increase its popularity.

"We recently saw that some accounts use third-party applications to artificially inflate their audience," the company said in an official blog post. "Every day people come to Instagram to have real experiences, including real interactions, and it is our responsibility to ensure that these experiences are not interrupted by non-authentic activities."

People who use this and other applications will first receive a warning stating that their "artificial" activity has been removed on Instagram. In addition, they will be asked to change their password if they are shared with these third-party applications as a way to protect their accounts, as shown in the example below.
false followers instagram
"We have developed tools for learning devices to help identify accounts that use these services and to eliminate non-authentic activities," says Instagram in the publication in which he deals with this topic. "This type of behavior is bad for the community and third-party applications that generate" likes ", followers and comments that do not meet community standards."

Instagram did not specifically mention external applications that consider it a sign of non-authentic activity. A quick online search, however, lists lists with dozens of apps that promise that people pump their followers, such as Boostagram, Instooter and the like.


instagram followers fake likes

If you have used one of these services, or if you are considering doing this, you may wonder, what is the problem? Total, it's your money that you invest to get them, and you think you do not hurt anyone. In the first place, it is in violation of the terms of use of the Instagram APIs. The abbreviation comes from the English term Application Programming Interfaces, which translates as "Application Programming Interfaces", which are in fact a collection of commands, functions and computer protocols with which developers can create specific programs for certain operating systems.

This type of service casts doubt on your credibility and overall Instagram experience

"The Instagram API can not be used to publish automated content on Instagram, including" likes "and" comments "that have not been initiated and entered by Instagram users, & # 39; Furthermore, it is clearly explained that "you can not use the Instagram API for spam or bother users with & # 39; Like, comments or other unwanted actions. As a result, you run the risk of your account being deleted.

The other risk is of course that this kind of service calls into question your credibility and the overall experience of Instagram. Although there are several platforms that compete to be the center of attention, Instagram has created an incredible number of loyal followers on a market full of applications and social networks. The threat of spambots and fraudulent services is a very real concern and will undoubtedly damage the attractiveness of Instagram.

For this and more, it's not advisable to buy followers or "like" to deceive your audience or establish a level of popularity, but you should use Instagram to build a real relationship with your audience. Buying followers can be tempting, but it will probably cost you money, credibility and possible long-term partnership agreements, especially now that the company has declared war on them.

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